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To submit an event for approval to appear in our weekly newsletter, please fill out the form below with your event's details. Please note that submissions should be sent by the Thursday before the Monday that the newsletter is published on.

Please remember that submitting an event through this form does not guarantee that it will appear in the next newsletter. All submissions are pending approval. In order to keep our newsletter as short and on point as possible, we limit our list of upcoming events to those that focus primarily on cybersecurity and Internet privacy. The relationship to these subjects must be obvious to our readers and cannot be a peripheral issue of the event.

We have chosen to use these strict standards to avoid overwhelming our readers; they tell us they prefer to stay focused on cybersecurity issues. This forces us to make hard choices on events, but ultimately our readers prefer that we be under- rather than over-inclusive due to the many events that take place in the Washington area and their limited time to read our newsletter and other material.

Thank you for your submission and we wish you the best of luck with your event.

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