Trey Herr


Trey Herr is a Senior Research Associate at the Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute and a PhD Candidate in political science at George Washington University. His research focuses on the relationship between state power and information security including trends in state developed malicious software, the structure of criminal markets for malware, and the regulatory environment for “cyber weapons". He is also a non-resident fellow with New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative where he works on risk assessment and information security insurance. 

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Selected Papers and Media


Herr, Trey.  "PrEP:  A Framework for Malware & Cyber Weapons," GW-CSPRI-2014-2. (The Journal of Information Warfare) 

Trey Herr and Paul Rosenzweig.  "Cyber Weapons and Export Control:  Incorporating Dual Use with the PrEP Model," 2015. (The Journal of National Security & Law Policy)

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Op-Ed - Preparing for data breaches, The Hill

Op-Ed - The Rise of Milware, CSPRI

Explainer - A Brief Guide to the Weapons of Cyber Conflict, Slate


New Pentagon cyber strategy to discuss nation's offensive capabilities

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Medill Panel on Cybersecurity

“Cyber Marines” by James K. Sanborn for Marine Corps Times

“Navy Wants 1,000 More Cyber Warriors” by Joshua Stewart for Navy Times

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"Cyber steps up its role on the battlefield," August 2014 (Trey Herr cited as source).

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presentations & MEDIA APPEARANCES

7th International Conference on Cyber Conflict, "Cyber Conflict After Stuxnet"

Beyond Breaches:  The Practice and Potential of Cyber Insurance

June 17, 2015:  Appearance on Alijazeera America